ORLANDO, Fla. — Before we ring in 2022, Orlando is on track to have two new attractions that are taller than anything of their kind in the world.

So we are digging into the behind-the-scenes “choreography” that's required to get them built.

  1. The world's tallest Drop Tower and the world's tallest Slingshot are set to debut at Orlando's ICON Park in December.
  2. Construction is happening on the south side of Blake Shelton's Ole Red.
  3. Bill Gurley of City Electric Supply Company in Kissimmee as well as Kevin White, owner of Toolman Electric in Hunter's Creek, are allowing us to visit their warehouses to get an up-close look at the pipes, wires, and materials that are required to build these attractions.
  4. Typically, they supply electricity to homes and commercial buildings, but working on soon-to-be world-recognized thrill rides has its perks. “It's something completely different out of the norm,” Gurley said. “It's enjoyable to work on.”
  5. As far as a construction update, the Drop Tower's foundation is now in the ground. Fifty-six pipes are installed. They each go a whopping 40 feet deep.