GROVELAND, Fla. — Just imagine quarantining during the coronavirus pandemic in a mansion that feels more like a theme park.

We met a Central Florida family that's riding it out like no other. Here’s how:

1.  The Greensteins are experiencing this coronavirus pandemic in The Great Escape Lakeside, one of three mansions designed by dad and self-made multimillionaire Andrew Greenstein.

“It's not as much of a ‘boring’ quarantine!” his teen daughter Kayden said, smiling.

2. Andrew built The Great Escape Lakeside in 2016. It has everything from an ivy-covered Jumanji-themed movie theater to “the world's first residential escape room game.

 He estimates the mansion is stocked with 1,000 games, inside and out, including human foosball.

3. The mansion has 13 bedrooms, 11, bathrooms, and sleeps 45. Since vacation homes have been off-limits to renters during the pandemic, the family is taking full advantage of what they own.

“Yeah, I mean, I'm sure some of [my friends] are probably jealous,” Kayden said.

4. The main area on the second floor pays homage to TV game shows, like Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.

Bedroom themes range from an explosion of interactive PacMan attractions, to a functional and nostalgic, human-sized game of Operation.

5. The Great Escape Lakeside will soon be available, once again, for vacation rentals. Rates are seasonal, but Andrew says a typical night-night weekend comes to about $6,000.

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