ORLANDO, Fla. - Shamu Stadium has a new killer whale show that takes a deep dive into the behaviors of the marine mammals.

1. The Orca Encounter is a 20-minute show with new video, storytelling, and animal trainer interaction and choreography. 

2. The killer whale experience has audiences "connecting in an inspiring new way with the ocean’s most powerful predator."

3. The "Soak Zone" seats are labeled as such for very good reason. You're likely to get drenched as the orcas - almost comically - make their rounds and use their tails to get you good and soggy.

4. The orcas do all kinds of tricks, but SeaWorld says it's refocusing its orca shows on education instead of spectacle.

5. The "One Ocean" show closed on Dec. 31, 2019. "Orca Encounter" took its spot on Jan. 1, 2020.