An attraction that brings out the kid in us all and it’s just a tankful away.

  • The Glazer Children's Museum allows kids to design planes, robots
  • 3-story museum also has something for adults too

In this week's Florida on a Tankful we hit the road and found a spot where you can build robots, design planes and even climb though a rain-drop maze and it’s all under one roof.

The sights and sounds at the Glazer Children's Museum open up a world of possibility as the 3-story building houses it all, from robotics you can design to some international flavor.

Immersing you in different cultures, like a Japanese tearoom or some African Congo drumming.

"Glazer Children's Museum inspires childlike behavior and whimsy in everyone," the museum CEO Jennifer Stancil said.

At the museum, it is all about finding that creative side and expressing it. One of its newest exhibits does just that. The museum's augmented reality sand table is where you can dig, move sand around and it reveals ocean animals. It's a sensory activity that teaches kids all about the ocean.

"It was cool because it was a lot of fun, but it was education too at the same time," visitor Samaya Smith, said

Another visitor echoed Smith's thoughts.

"We can learn so much about the world around us," visitor Rebecca Mays said.

One of museum's coolest attractions is a 3-story climber that is designed to show kids the life-cycle of a rain drop.

And don't fret if this all sounds like way too much fun. The museum has an adults' only night and yes, you can climb through the rain drop maze and check out all the activities.

Each exhibit is fun, but educational, with many events teaching kids about careers they could have one day.

"It allows kids to have the design thinking and career readiness for the 21st century, it's exciting to get the kids young when they are excited to learn about all the things they can be and become for the world," Stancil said.

Whether you want to design buildings, build airplanes, or maybe just take a splash in their water table designed like Tampa Bay, there is no short supply of things to do.

"Not many people have a three and a half story climber in their house or a giant water table. So we just love that we can give these experiences to families each and every day," Stancil, said.

The Glazer Children’s Museum is open seven days a week. Admission for kids 1 to 9 is $9.50 and for adults, it is $15.

The next 21 and over night will be held on Wednesday Feb. 21, with the theme of the evening is "Game Night."

For more information about the museum's adult entertainment, head to its website.