ORLANDO, Fla. -- You know him best as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films, but now Rubert Grint, along with his co-star Luke Pasqualino, are on the lam in sunny Spain in season 2 of "Snatch."

We caught up with the actors just as Crackle released the new episodes.

ALLISON WALKER TORRES: Rupert, I have to talk about dancing first. In the first episode of this season of "Snatch," you have to dance in a club. I understand you may have YouTubed a few things before you taped that?

RUPERT GRINT: Oh, yeah I did. Yeah, I mean, it was a few days before we had to shoot that scene. It suddenly dawned on me that I have no idea how to dance. I don't know how young people dance. I turned 30 quite recently, and I very much felt my age.

LUKE PASQUALINO: What did you type in? I want to know what you typed.

RG: I literally typed in many different things. How do men dance in clubs? It's something I've always struggled with -- movement. It's the arms. I don't know what to do with the arms. Legs are alright.

AWT: Luke, do you have that problem?

LP: Oh, I would've just gone to a club.

AWT: Luke, I know the gang buys this beachside bar, and the idea is to go straight and run this thing properly. So what's this inevitable urge to go back to crime?

LP: Well, I don't even know if it's an urge for Alba. I think it's... they find themselves drawn to, well they have this magnetism, to the underworld -- the crime. It's all they've ever known.

AWT: Rupert, you play Charlie, and it's a role unlike Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films. But I'm seeing some similarities, though, like maybe being a deeply loyal friend. Would you agree?

RG: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. There's definitely some similarities there. Charlie was a struggle to kind of really get my head around, particularly in season one when I was kinda working on who he was. He's like no one I've ever met. I've never met anyone quite like him.

AWT: Rupert, we've interviewed you many times here at the Wizarding World, but Universal canceled the next Celebration of Harry Potter to create yet-to-be announced experiences. So what do you know? Talk to me.

RG: I know nothing. I can't really shed any light. I didn't know about that. But I'm a hug fan of the park. I haven't been there in awhile, but it's great. That's exciting!

"Snatch" is loosely based off the movie of the same name, originally inspired by a real-life heist in London. You can watch the first episode of season 2 for free online on Sony Crackle.