A brand new cooking show features a Top Chef judge spotlighting immigrant communities.

  • 'No Passport Required' with Marcus Samuelsson
  • Show highlights immigrant communities 
  • Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on PBS, Spectrum channel 1068

In other words – no stuffy chefs.

PBS's "No Passport Required" stars Chef Marcus Samuelsson, who was born in Ethiopia and raised in Sweden.

The celebrated chef and restaurateur now lives in Harlem, so his story brings a resonance to his findings as he hits up six U.S. cities -- Detroit, New Orleans, Chicago, Queens/NYC, Miami and Washington, D.C.

He's hoping Orlando makes the cut for the next season.

"I've eaten in Florida many, many times, all over," Samuelsson told Spectrum News. "For example, in Orlando, you have a great Vietnamese community and a place like Florida has always been attractive because there's always work; there's always something you can do. Food is very often the window in to that culture."

He also says there's a false narrative out there that immigrants aren't contributing to this country.

"Unless you're Native American, everyone is an immigrant at some point," he said. "That's really what 'No Passport Required' will be talking about. We're meeting in Detroit and Arab American families that just go here three months ago, and their kids' favorite food is pizza."

"So they're clearly American quickly ... We also want the viewer to be inspired. When they travel to New York, come to Queens and learn about the Indo-Guyanese community, or when you go to Chicago, learn about the Mexican American community," Samuelsson added.

"No Passport Required" is on PBS -- Spectrum Channel 1068 -- Tuesdays at 9 p.m. The show's Miami visit is Aug. 7.