Extra on the Web

March 1 Tax filing services

TurboTax, E-File, H&R Block

February 16 Meet Libby

An app that let's you check out books from local library.

February 9 Fetch Rewards

The app will keep track of the brands you buy to earn points. You build up points to then get a reward in the form of a gift card.

February 2 Clip It TV

This lets you create and share short clips of what's on TV.

January 26 Scanbot

Scanbot is an easy and fast way to create high quality scans with your iPhone, iPad or Android.

January 19 Nighty Night

It's a bedside app to help the kids sleep, with more than 6 million downloads!

January 12 Duolingo app

Learning a new language has never been easier. The Duolingo app gives you lessons in foreign languages in the form of a game.

January 5 Lose It App

There are many weight loss apps on the market. Some of them are free. One that's been gaining popularity for the last decade claims it has the features to help you lose it.

December 22 Charlie Brown Peanuts app

If you love Charles Schultz Peanuts Christmas animated feature you will love this interactive app.  A Winner every Christmas.

December 15 discogs.com

Find out how much your record or CR is worth. Buy and sell rare or everyday albums from over 36-million titles.

December 8 repairclinic.com

Got an appliance that’s not working?  Great website for manuals, parts and videos to help you repair and save on most anything electronic.

December 1 noteflight.com

Free software to help you write, perform or just enjoy 65,ooo pieces of music.  Excellent resource for sight reading.