ORLANDO, Fla. — Universal’s Great Movie Escape, a themed escape room experience, will open Dec. 9 at Universal CityWalk, the resort announced Thursday.

What You Need To Know

  • Universal’s Great Movie Escape is a themed escape room experience opening at Universal CityWalk

  • Each themed experience will feature eight “detailed environments”

  • Pricing starts at $49.99 per person and varies depending on date

The experience will feature two different escape rooms — Jurassic World: Escape, inspired by the “Jurassic World” film franchise and “Back to the Future: OUTATIME,” inspired by the time travel films. 

In Jurassic World: Escape, the setting is a secret lab on Isla Nublar. As part of the story, visitors are new geneticists undergoing training at the facility, when the training is interrupted after an apex predator escapes. They must then work together to avoid becoming the prey. 

With the Back to the Future room, visitors will be transported to a museum in 1993, where Biff has stolen Doc Brown’s newest time travel device. They must work together Doc’s clues before running out of time.

Each themed experience will feature eight “detailed environments” with activities that are randomized (solutions can vary each visit), customizable depending on party size and designed to adjust based on skill level and complexity.

In a news release, Universal said its entertainment worked closely with filmmakers and escape room experts to create the new experience, which will feature detailed sets and original storylines that allow visitors to “escape into the movies.”

Pricing starts at $49.99 per person for access to either Jurassic World: Escape or Back to the Future: OUTATIME. A private experience can be booked for groups, with prices starting at $300 per group. 

For more ticket information, visit universalorlando.com


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