ORLANDO, Fla. — The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority predicts data coming out of Labor Day will show a significant increase in travel compared to 2021. An estimated 119,000 travelers will flow through MCO Monday.

What You Need To Know

  • TSA data shows some days this weekend saw more passengers than during Labor Day of 2019

  • According to the TSA, 1.9 million people traveled through U.S. security checkpoints on Sunday

  • More travelers could mean more headaches for airport goers and employees alike

Alexandria Ryan and her fiancé packed up from San Diego and hit the skies for a Labor Day trip to Orlando. After arriving for a friend’s wedding, things weren’t off to a great start.

“Our bags got stuck in Las Vegas,” explained Ryan.

The couple had to stop at a store to buy essentials for the night, before being able to pick up their bags a day later.

After enjoying the wedding, they were back at the MCO airport, ready to get home to California. But the return trip held yet another round of travel headaches for the young couple.

“When we got to the front desk, the front desk lady wasn’t able to help us, and she didn’t know why,” said Ryan.

While Ryan was able to check in for her flight, her fiance couldn’t. Seated right in front of the security checkpoint, they started making calls, trying to figure out their next step.

Ryan and her fiancé are just two out of millions of people who boarded a flight this Labor Day weekend.

TSA data shows the number of people passing through U.S. checkpoints this weekend nearly tripled compared to 2020. Almost 2 million people came through TSA security on Sunday.

“I know how hard the people in the airport are working, and I hate that this is happening to everyone,” she said.