A new Central Florida attraction lets you get hands on with technology that’s changing the human experience. We go On The Town to discover: Bionic Me.

  1. Dr. Michael Hawks is a surgeon with Rothman Orthopaedics at AdventHealth. He knows what can happen to the human bod. Growing up in Tampa, he excelled in sports in high school and college, and got banged up from injuries.

  2. Because of those sports injuries - and coming from a family of school teachers who served for others, Dr. Hawks felt a calling. “What I felt obligated to do is discover what I was really good at.”

  3. He and his Rothman/AdventHealth medical team enhanced a traveling exhibit, Bionic Me, that is temporarily housed at the Orlando Science Center. Those enhancements include pop-up interactive activities. Bionic Me lets guests control a computer using the power of their mind, try out exoskeletal super-strength, and see how a bionic eye works, among other hands-on stations.

  4. Dr. Hawks has practiced medicine in Orlando for 14 years now. And for most of that time, the Orlando Science Center has been a family retreat. “My kids have run through every one of these exhibits a billion times.” So he says being a part of an OSC exhibit that celebrates his medical specialty is pretty cool.

  5. Bionic Me is included with regular admission and is at the Orlando Science Center through September 5, 2022.