MELBOURNE, Fla. — A Brevard County woman is doing what she can to make drivers slow down on her street.

Laura Islay says drivers use Carolwood Drive in the Melbourne area as a cut-through, going well over the 25-mph speed limit.

What You Need To Know

  • Drivers speed on Carolwood Drive in Melbourne, resident Laura Islay says

  • Islay says she has close calls weekly so she had a 25-mph T-shirt made

  • Brevard County says a speed hump program requires a petition first

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Islay told us it is especially dangerous when she is walking her dogs.

"A lot of times, I have to dodge out of the way, or I’ll get hit,” she said.

She said she has close calls at least once a week.

That’s why she made a T-shirt with the 25-mph sign on it.

"(Carolwood Drive is) about a mile long, and there’s only two speed limit signs, so I figured in order to raise awareness for what the speed limit really is, I had these shirts made probably about a year-and-a-half ago,” Islay said.

She said she wants speed humps installed, along with more speed limit signs, to detract drivers from speeding.

The Brevard County traffic operations manager said the county does have a speed hump program, but it requires the neighborhood to sign a petition before the county will consider installing the humps.

Islay said she is happy to start a petition if it leads to change. 

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