MELBOURNE, Fla. — The Florida Department of Transportation may not be done making improvements to a busy intersection in Melbourne.

What You Need To Know

  • An FDOT project added a second turn lane from U.S. 192 westbound to U.S. 1 northbound

  • Traffic still backs up on U.S. 192 westbound for those looking to continue going straight

  • Drivers should have an extra lane to go straight at the intersection, resident says

  • FDOT is looking at options to include an additional through lane

Just recently, FDOT added a second right turn lane from westbound U.S. Highway 192 to U.S. Highway 1 north, but Bill Myers said traffic still backs up at the intersection.

“That through lane right there will back up all the way to the causeway,” Myers said.

In the project, FDOT only made one through lane, and two right only turn lanes, to get on U.S. 1 north.

Drivers in the right only turn lane even ignore the road markings and use one of the lanes to go straight.

“While the optimal configuration would consist of both a new through lane and new turn lane, it was determined that improvements for one turn lane could be done quickly by working within the right of way, providing a benefit to motorists sooner,” FDOT Public Information Director Jessica Ottaviano said.

FDOT is coming up with design concepts to potentially create a second westbound through lane, with and without the acquisition of the right of way, she said.

Myers said he thinks drivers should be given the option in one of the right turn lanes to also be able to go straight.

“It’s an easy fix that can be done quickly and very inexpensive,” he said.

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