DELAND, Fla. — Stetson University officials say the school is celebrating a big milestone on the way to getting back to normal: 70% of the campus has now received a COVID-19 vaccination.

What You Need To Know

  •  Stetson University officials say 70% of the campus has received a COVID-19 vaccination

  •  Now that the threshold has been met, overnight visitors and large crowds are now allowed at the school

  • The university held a popcorn and Popsicles event to mark the occasion

It's a milestone students, like senior Ion Sancho, are excited to celebrate. 

“It feels wonderful, even with the delta variant last week we only had three positive cases,” said Sancho.

The university marked the occasion with a popcorn and Popsicles event in the quad. 

The celebration is an extra sweet one for Sancho — who sits on Stetson’s Safer Campus Task Force.

“With the initiatives on campus for first doses and secondary doses, it gives the students who live on campus to get their shots without having transportation, so I believe we are right on schedule for where we need to be,” said Sancho. 

Now that the university has hit the 70% mark, things are changing around campus —  overnight visitors and larger gatherings for events like sports are now allowed. It’s a change university President Christopher Roellke is happy to give students.

"We now have 90% of our classes, for instance, happening face to face, so by increasing our ability to have group sizes of 50 or more it just brings back campus vibrancy," said Roellke. 

As Sancho walks toward the home stretch of his college education, he now has a lot more to look forward to. While he still has a heavy course load wrapping up his philosophy degree and also preparing for law school, he feels hopeful for the next chapter. 

“Obviously I would love to graduate next to my peers and throw my hat up into the air, but I am willing to do what is necessary to keep the community safe at large,” said Sancho.

Thursday marks a big deadline at Stetson: All full time staff were expected to be vaccinated by Wednesday.