TITUSVILLE, Fla. — It's prep time for Scott Hoffman, co-owner and chef of Hoffman's Table in downtown Titusville, because soon a hungry dinner crowd will fill the restaurant.

What You Need To Know

  •  Space Florida announced Monday that the world's largest satellite manufacturing facility in the world is planned for Kennedy Space Center

  •  The move would mean about 2,100 new jobs for the area

  • Business owners in the area say they are excited about the possibilities that number of new employees would mean for them

Space Florida announced Monday that Terran Orbital is building the largest satellite manufacturing facility in the world at Kennedy Space Center.

Because of that, officials say the area is about to get even more crowded with more mouths to feed.

"We've been in Titusville since the early 60s, and you know, I didn't used to want to see it, but since I've had businesses, yes, the more the merrier," Hoffman said.

On the way are a projected 2,100 jobs that will bring high wages to be spent in places like Hoffman's.

"We opened just about a month ago," said co-owner Nancy Hoffman.

It's perfect timing for Nancy, who worked for NASA for decades and whose family has run businesses in the area before.

They weathered the ebbs and flows of the layoffs that spelled the end of the shuttle program 10 years ago.

"For our small business opening, it can only help, and all those new jobs coming in," she said.

"Right now is the biggest change I've ever seen," Scott Hoffman said.

The couple is hoping to soon open Hoffman's for lunch, which will cater to workers needing to take their breaks.