LAKELAND, Fla. — The Lakeland Magic basketball team held local tryouts for next season’s players in Winter Haven Sunday. More than 70 players showed up for a chance at playing with the 2021 champions.

What You Need To Know

  • More than 60% of NBA players started in the G League first

  • Lakeland Magic are sponsored by the Orlando Magic

  • Opening night is Nov. 5

“We’ve been a league for 4 years and won every season,” said Lakeland Magic Vice President, Owen Fasolas. “Last year we won the championship.”

Owen Fasolas is the vice president of the league, and he said more than 60% of NBA players played for a G League team first.

“The overlap between the G League and the NBA is bigger than ever,” explained Fasolas. “Now, over 60% of the NBA has G League experience. We had six guys called up from our team after winning the championship; we have some Lakeland Magic alumni still playing for Orlando Magic.”

Playing on G League teams like the Lakeland Magic gives players the opportunity to be scouted by the NBA or overseas teams. One player hoping for a spot on the roster said his brother played for Lakeland Magic before he started playing with a team in Russia.

“We’re originally from Georgia but when my older brother made the Lakeland Magic team we moved here,” said Isaiah Hill. “He’s playing for a team in Russia now but I’m auditioning for Lakeland Magic this year; I feel good about today.”

Basketball contracts for G League players typically last one year. The Lakeland Magic’s opening night is Nov. 5.

This team is sponsored by The Orlando Magic team.