ORLANDO — UPDATE: As the clean up of the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando continues, donations have been pouring from the community in support.

Right now more than $400,000 has been raised for the non-profit.

Pet Alliance HR director Nicole Cochran packed up what could be salvaged from the office. The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando is continuing clean up of its shelter that was damaged by fire Wednesday night.

What You Need To Know

Staff members were out all day Friday cleaning and salvaging anything they could from the burned up wreckage of what was once their pet shelter.

Nicole Cochran has packed up the office she’s used for the past four years as the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando’s HR director.

But finding a new office space is nowhere near her top priority.

“This is the least of our concerns,” she said. 

Because like any good HR director, she’s more concerned about the people who work here - people who worked closely with animals who died in the fire.

“The staff are taking it very hard, very hard, understandably so, we all are. There will be a lot of grief, a lot of anger, questions, ‘Why us?’ We’ve already heard a lot of that,” she said. 

But Cochran and management are already working out how to take care of these men and women.

“We’re gonna get some grief counselors out for our staff, try to support them the best we can. If we need to pitch in and help and do whatever, that’s what a lot of us are doing,”

With that support and support from the community, she knows this team will carry on.

“It’s one of the things that makes pet alliance so amazing is that we just rally and support each other and get the job done,” Cochran said.