HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. — A new group of football players are promising to bring back another championship trophy to the Bay area for Wheelchair Football.

"We've been playing together for the better part of 20 years and we're family here," said player Jose Rodriguez. 

Rodriguez says he's already bonded with his teammates through basketball. 

"We look like we're ready," he said. 

Now the camraderie continues with the first Hillsborough County Buccaneers Wheelchair Football Team. 

A forklift accident lead to player Ronald Richardson becoming an amputee, but the 65-year-old says that hasn't slowed him down. 

"I'm trying to live, let's get active, let's do things," said Richardson. 

Richardson says he likes the freedom involved with playing. 

"If you keep moving, they won't throw dirt on you and put you in a hole," he added. 

Richardson says players would rather be recognized for their athletic ability rather than their disability. 

"The best thing about being disabled is that you see that there is somebody that has less than you," He said. "What do I have to cry about? There are people less fortunate." 

Ahead of their season kickoff, Former Super Bowl MVP and Tampa Bay Buccaneer Dexter Jackson surprised the team with their new uniforms and helmets. 

Jackson says he wants to give back and support the community that supported him while he was on the field. 

"These guys have been through a lot and they feel joy by playing this sport," said Jackson. "As a human being how can you not feel good about this."

Hillsborough County's team was selected as an expansion of the USA Wheelchair Football league.