ORLANDO, Fla. — Hundreds, aided by the Orlando Police, marched through downtown Orlando on Saturday to show their support for the people of Cuba. 

What You Need To Know

The march started and ended with rallies at Lake Eola. Demonstrators marched down Rosalind and then back down Orange Avenue to Orlando City Hall. 

Sisters Yanet and Yesenia organized Saturday's march to show solidarity with people currently protesting for freedom in Cuba. 

Marchers chanted “Libertad! Libertad!,” "Cuba Libre!" and "Wake up Biden!" among other things throughout the march. 

“This is the first step in making sure our fellow Cubans are hearing us and to know that we are here to support them,” co-organizer Yessenia Guilfuchi said. 

But a big part of the march was also to demand the U.S. take action to support the protesters there demanding freedom from the communist regime. 

“Basically what Cubans are demanding from the US government is ‘Let’s do something!’ Because this is a unique opportunity and we cannot miss this window,” Associate Director for the Cuban Research Institute Sebastian Arcos said.

Arcos said it’s extremely unlikely the U.S. will take direct military action like some protesters want, especially considering the failed U.S. military interventions of the past like the Bay of Pigs Invasion. 

“Whatever the U.S. decides to do, it will have to be from a distance,” he said. 

President Joe Biden has said he’s considering trying to restore internet access to Cubans after the government there shut it down. Co-organizer Yanet Herero says that exactly the kind of thing they want the Biden administration to do. 

“Open up the internet, open up the avenues for them to be able to share their story,” Herero said. 

The sisters say they won’t stop doing marches until the U.S. does something significant to help their families and friends in Cuba. 

Arcos says it's young people like Yanet and Yasenia who are leading these movements for political freedom. 

"Both in Cuba and in Miami...it's no longer the older Cubans who landed in the Bay of Pigs, the ones who were political prisoners, my friends, my parents...we're talking about younger people. So the torch of freedom has been passed," Arcos said.