CORRECTION: Initially, Osceola County officials said a fourth building was deemed unsafe, but now they say that is not the case. This article has been updated to reflect that change.

KISSIMMEE, Fla. — Issues were found at other buildings at the Images Condominium complex in Osceola County, but no other buildings have been deemed unsafe yet.

What You Need To Know

Last week the county condemned three buildings out of the 11 at the condo complex because of "serious signs of decay" in the wood framing of all three floors of the buildings, including the roofs, found by engineers back in April. The engineers also found sagging floor conditions in the walkways.

The county announced issues among the other buildings Tuesday. Originally county officials said a fourth building was deemed unsafe. Building inspectors discovered concerns in a stairwell in the building. 

However, the building will not be deemed unsafe after all because there is an alternate entrance for residents to use. However, officials say they are inspecting the building for additional deterioriation and the building's status could change if repairs are not made.

"The building was not posted as unsafe yet, because only one stairwell was impacted…and with alternate mode of entry/exit, the residents would be able to access their units safely," said Chris Braumbaugh, the county communications director. "Of course, this could change at anytime if the proper repairs are not made and any further deterioration occurs. The County is continuing to monitor the property to ensure the correct repairs are happening."

The issues will also be reported to the contractor hired by property management for Images, which is responsible for all the repair work.

The county says permits for the contractors should be issued Tuesday afternoon. Construction crews were seen at the complex last week, but the county issued a stop work order because permits had not been pulled.

The engineering company that conducted the inspection back in April notified Osceola County in June because of they had not heard back from Images' property management.

An architecture firm also notified Images Condominiums and explained the types of repair needed would cost tens of thousands of dollars, and could easily cost several hundred thousand dollars depending on the extent of the damage.

Spectrum News 13 has repeatedly contacted property management and the Homeowners Association, along with the attorneys for comment. We have not heard back.​