BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. —  It was difficult for many single mothers to make ends meet even before the pandemic began. But over the last year, the plight has become even more of an uphill battle.

What You Need To Know

  • Love is a Verb is an organization that helps single mothers

  • Natasha Tomlin shares the struggles she faced during the pandemic

  • Many single mothers have been helped by the organization

During the pre-pandemic, Natasha Tomlin struggled as she was raising a teenaged boy and an 8-year-old girl. It was a daily grind.

"I'm a single mom, and it's not easy, says Tomlin. "It was like 'mom, where's this? Where's that?' Honey, it's not there."

But COVID-19 hit, and the struggle became even worse as Tomlin lost her job. Money to pay bills, plus feed and clothe her kids were scarce.

According to, 32 percent of mothers in Brevard County are single mothers, barely living under the federal poverty level.

Tomlin says she swallowed her pride and sought help.

"I remembered 'Love is a Verb', and it is, love is a verb," Tomlin says about the organization.

"Love is a Verb serves single moms and children," says Doris Golindano, the executive director of the organization. "Right now we are just meeting the moms' needs, clothes, diapers, bus passes, gas cards. When there is a need we meet them."

Golindano​ said their caseload doubled over the course of the pandemic. They gave children Christmas presents, backpacks and hygiene kits.

Right now, Love is a Verb is serving 50 single mothers and their children, just like Tomlin.

"The impact it has on their lives, they are so grateful," says Golindano.

"I'm always there for her, she's always there for me," Tomlin says. "That's honestly the best relationship anybody can have."

Love is a Verb is holding their first fundraiser of the year in March.

Proceeds go towards Love is a Verb’s “Mommy Project 2021,” where 50 single mothers will receive “essential bins” worth $100 each.