BREAVARD COUNTY, Fla. — A grassroots effort among six volunteers in Brevard County, has grown into an operation that’s given hundreds of seniors a path to snagging COVID-19 vaccine appointments.

What You Need To Know

  •  Brevard County volunteers came together to help residents get COVID-19 vaccine appointments

  •  They say they've helped more than 500 seniors so far

  • They plan to help other groups of people as they become eligible for the vaccine

It started when one volunteer, Elizabeth Logan, helped her mom get an appointment, and decided to ask on social media who else she could help.

She soon discovered many others were trying to do the same thing, and before she knew it they had a group going.

“Every day we are in constant contact," said Logan,  "looking for appointments, or, ‘Hey did you hear this person needs one? Or this person needs to cancel? Can we transfer a ticket?'”

So far, she says this has been nothing but a labor of love, and they've been able to help more than 500 seniors get an appointment.

“I can’t say it’s really surprising. It’s a little bit overwhelming," said Logan.

She said the response is equally overwhelming.

Messages group members share range from heartfelt gratitude, to sheer excitement.

Patti Leathers’ reaction was just one she’ll remember.

“At the end of the day she says, ‘I think I’ve got like three appointments left, do you know anybody?’ I was like, ‘Yes, my best friend and her husband ahhh.’ It was like, the craziest day. It was so neat. It gave me hope that we haven’t had in a year," said Leathers, who just recently got the vaccine from Seminole County's Oviedo Mall distribution site. “I can’t say enough about Elizabeth and the ladies that are doing this.”

Those ladies, who call themselves the “Vaxxagals,” (named to the tune of the "Jazzagals" from popular television show, 'Schitt's Creek'), started off as complete strangers, Logan said.

Now, she’s sure their virtual camaraderie, and common ground, will transform into lasting friendships.

“We joke that as soon as this is all over, we’re going to get together for cocktails," Logan said. "But I don’t think it’s a joke, I think we really will."

Logan told us their group is also willing to help teachers over the age of 50 and members of law enforcement, who will be eligible to receive the vaccine at the state’s FEMA sites.​

Send emails to if you are looking for help getting a COVID-19 vaccine appointment.