KISSIMMEE, Fla. — Love is in the air but so is Coronavirus. 

Alyssa Noel and Otis Wright are matchmakers in Kissimmee. Alyssa said their business has been thriving because of COVID-19. They feel like couples are having more hardships because of the pandemic. 

“People are in trouble now. Because they can’t go to restaurants, they can't go to bars, they can’t go to network events. How are we meeting people?” Noel said.

They teach people how to strengthen their relationships by doing things like, holding hands in public, trying a new recipe or playing a couple’s game. They recently created their own: Ultimate Intimacy.

And if you’re still looking, an option can be virtual blind dating. They recommend ordering a meal for delivery while videoing with a new face. 

“Some tips that we definitely talk to singles about is knowing your boundaries, knowing your non-negotiables and standing firm in those,” Otis said. “Because those are the things that helped us get to where we are today.” 

It may take a little more effort but these love coaches say your “person” is out there.

“You know we want to bring hope that love is still alive, love is thriving and you can have it too,” Noel said.