MELBOURNE, Fla. — Super Bowl LV is coming up Sunday, with the Kansas City Chiefs taking on Florida's own Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and for one Melbourne business, it's an especially “super” time of year.

You could say there's lots of "coin" being made at Melbourne's Highland Mint. All year long, the crew cranks out sports-themed memorabilia.

What You Need To Know

  • Highland Mint in Melbourne produced the coin for Super Bowl LV 

  • The company has made the coin for 29 years in a row

  • With the game in Tampa and includes the Bucs, the memorabilia is special

  • At least one employee grew up a Buccaneers fan, too

But this time of year, the focus on their attention is not a “toss up.” For the 29th year in a row, the mint is producing the coin that will be flipped to start the Super Bowl.

"The game doesn't start without us," says Vince Bohbot, Highland Mint Executive VP. "Every year it's a privilege to mint it for the NFL."

This year is extra special because for the first time ever, a home team is hosting the championship game, and the toss will determine of the Chiefs or hometown Bucs get the ball first.

"Tampa being in it, and Brady being there in his first year, bringing it home," Bohbot said. "It's a really nice story."

"We grew up being Bucs fans," said Tampa native Debbie Girard, who handles shipping and receiving duties. "Very, very excited."

Seeing her team emblazoned on the coin makes it extra special.

"Yay, Tampa's going back again!" Girard said. "I will get one for my own personal collection."

But there's a single coin that stands out. Highland Mint gave this reporter the opportunity to press "number 1" on the historic actual coin that will be flipped by the referee.

"We are in the national spotlight for the biggest day of the year, biggest game of the year," Bohbot said. "It's a neat feat for this company."

For the record, tails has won the coin toss in the Super Bowl 29 times, to 25 for heads. The winning team has won the coin toss 24 of 54 times.