MINOCQUA, Wis.— Kirk Bangstad enjoyed the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States in possibly the most Wisconsin way: with beer.

The proud Democrat in a deeply Republican area has been selling politically-themed beers via his business, Minocqua Brewing Company, since after the November election.

“I think they called Wisconsin like at 10 in the morning or something and I just started drinking beer,” Bangstad says.

After cracking a cold one for himself, he decided it was time to get creative. That's when he created Biden Beer.

“The tag line was 'Inoffensive and Not Bitter,'” he says. “Won’t overstay its welcome in your fridge.”

It sold out in three weeks, he says.

Bangstad has since moved on from Biden Beer in preparation for Wednesday’s inauguration ceremony at the capitol.

“It’s a chocolate blonde ale for Kamala and Biden... And it’s got Biden taking a beer from like somebody in a robe so it’s like a judge is handing Biden a beer and it says, ‘A peaceful transfer of flavor,’” Bangstad says.

He says people have driven from as far away as Madison and Milwaukee to buy the beer.

“I mean I’d like to think we make good beer, but I think the beer could be terrible and people would still be buying these cans,” he says.

It is worth mentioning Bangstad himself is an outspoken Democrat. He ran in 2020 for his state assembly district seat. He lost.

While Bangstad says he’s strong in his beliefs, he hopes people can get back to being friends and enjoy a cold beer together again.