CLEARWATER, FLA – Looking for a socially-distanced way to celebrate before, during or after the Super Bowl? GetMyBoat says it has the perfect solution: "sailgating."

The company allows boat owners to rent out its boats with the option of renting a boat and driving it themselves or having the owner drive them around.

GetMyBoat says "sailgating" is a way people can stay socially distanced, enjoy the outdoors and celebrate the big game in the Bay area.

Val Streif, GetMyBoat's Marketing Coordinator, says it's a great alternative to tailgating.

"Instead of being in a large crowd, you can kind of isolate out on the water with just the people you want to celebrate with," Streif said. She went on to say, “Boats are environments that are super easy to clean and sanitize. And boating you're outdoors, you're on the water, and it's just a really great way to enjoy the festive atmosphere while also staying safe with your loved ones."

Matthew Kerkel is one of the local boat owners who utilizes GetMyBoat. He takes up to four people out at a time.

“The best part about being with GetMyBoat is being able to make money while you’re out on the water doing something that you really enjoy doing," Kerkel said.

The company operates in every state in the U.S. and in countries around the world.

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