MELBOURNE, Fla. — Hospital intensive care units are tough places to cope, especially during the holiday season.

What You Need To Know

  • RN Deborah Gum plays the harp for the ICU overnight shift at Health First Holmes Regional Medical Center

  • It has been her holiday tradition for more than a decade

  • She does it to help patients and hospital employees working to help them

But some spirits are being lifted in one such ICU that's being treated to soothing sounds by one very talented and caring nurse.

With each strum on her harp, Deborah Gum creates music and mood.

"It's just a little gift I give of myself to my co-workers and patients," she said.

For more than a decade, the registered nurse has patrolled the Medical Intensive Care Unit at Health First Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne.

But during the holidays, the harpist who grew up in a musical household takes time to serenade fellow nurses and patients on the same floor.

"Set them at ease and put them in a more harmonious place," Gum said.

Gum took her inspiration from long time nurse Donna Butler who has since passed away.

She says Butler's encouragement prompted her to get permission to perform for those on the overnight shift.

"It seems like, especially during the holidays, the night crew is sometimes forgotten," she said. "So this is my little special thing I can do."

Special music to the ears of people who are hospital bound, or those working tough, long hours to help them.