BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. –  In late October Brevard Public Schools voted to extend the mask mandate indefinitely, citing fears their teachers would get coronavirus.

What You Need To Know

  • Brevard County teacher Elizabeth Toro died after contracting COVID-19

  • Toro died just days after her mother died due to complications from the virus

  • Grief counselors will be at the school for the next few days

Lyndon B Johnson Middle School teacher Elizabeth Toro died from COVID-19 just days after her mother died due to complications from the virus.

Brevard Federation of Teachers President Anthony Colucci spoke with other staff members about the devastating loss. Toro, 52, worked for the district for five years.

“Her colleagues shared with me, that her biggest concern was that she would catch COVID and give it to her mother, that's ultimately what probably happened,” Colucci said.

Brevard Public Schools District 3 Board Member Jennifer Jenkins says Toro will be missed and although her interaction with Toro was brief, it was memorable.

“I saw her in the halls, we would wave and smile on the way to the copier and there was a kindness with the way she interacted with her students,” Jenkins said.

Colucci says Brevard Public Schools is the largest employer in the county.

“Our teachers on average are older than the other school districts so we have a higher at-risk population,” Colucci said.

Jenkins says she's worried this may just be the beginning.

“Maybe I was wrong, maybe things will be okay, I was sickened to hear the news about Miss Toro and I’m terrified to get another message that another staff member or student has been affected by this,” Jenkins adds.

Since school started more than 15 cases involving teachers and staff members were reported at the middle school. District-wide there have been almost 1,000 cases.

According to BPS spokesperson, grief counselors were at the middle school this week and will be available for any student and staff for the next few days. ​