AKRON, Ohio — Most teenagers have hobbies like music, art and hanging with friends. That rings true for Annalisa and Andrew Duncan as well, however, these twin 16 year olds have less time for hobbies.


What You Need To Know

  • The Gemini Shoppe came about when twins Andrew and Annalisa Duncan joined their hobbies

  • The business is storefront in Akron

  • The teens continue to juggle school and running the business

“My mom was like, 'Hey do y'all want to do something over summer?' and We were like sure,” said both Annalisa and Andrew.

This summer is when they came up with the idea. Andrew has been an artist almost his entire life.

"I've had these designs for years, and I've always wanted to share my art and put them on stuff," said Andrew.

The twins decided to merge their art with their interest in owning a business. Andrew designs art for the t-shirts they sell in their shop, and Annalisa makes the accessories. Coming up with a name for the business was easy.

"The reason the store is called The Gemini Shoppe is because we're the Gemini twins,” said Andrew.

“Yeah, we're actual twins, and we're Geminis,” said Annalisa.

The shop has been storefront for a little over a month. It's not always easy having a business partner, especially when that partner is your twi
"He's passive, I'm aggressive," said Annalisa. "I'm the bossy one."

Thankfully, these two balance each other out.

"I'm a chill person," said Andrew. "I'm just like, what's up?" They both joked.

While running your own business is challenging, these two are also doing it while juggling school.

“The schedule for our store hours works around the fact that we have to do school," said Annalisa.

In the end they know what's most important.

“We love each other to death,” said Andrew.

For more information on The Gemini Shoppe click here.