ROCKLEDGE, Fla. — It’s a first for the police department in Brevard County's oldest city. 

What You Need To Know

  • Rockledge Police Department now has all women detectives 

  • This is a first for the department

  • 15 out of the department's 57 officers are women

Tiera Banks, Allison Navigato, Nicole Romnoski, and Alex Blake are making history as the Rockledge Police Department's first all-woman detective squad.​

"It's incredible," Navigato said. "Working with four strong women every single day is a unique experience."

The crime-fighting quartet is busy 24/7, solving cases like burglaries, thefts, and even more serious ones like homicides while breaking down barriers in a what is a traditionally a job reserved for men.

The investigators hail from different backgrounds.

"And that always helps in law enforcement because it gives us a different and unique perspective on cases that we have," Navigato said.

So far the community has responded well to the team. Navigato said the praise is coming from women too.

"Other women are proud, and they can relate and look up to us," she said.

So with each case they solve, each citizen they help, this crime-fighting team serves as an inspiration for women who will follow in their field.

"They can do anything they put their mind to," Navigato said.​

Overall, 15 out of the Rockledge Police Department's 57 officers are women.