KISSIMMEE, Fla. — Fencing began to go up at Star Motel and Lake Cecile Inn and Suites in Kissimmee Friday.

While most of the tenants have moved out some remain and are trying find permanent housing.

County officials said they have worked with organizations to assist more than 40 families so far in finding safe and healthy housing.

“We are in the middle of removing everything negative out of this place,” said business owner Teena Conley.

Conley came to work at the properties in January .

“I walked into craziness and chaos," she said. "I was trying to do the best I can to bring it down."

She said they have made improvements and are trying fix a number of the issues the county has with the properties, including fixing the roof.

“We are trying to bring it up par to work with people to have housing here,” Conley said.

A spokesperson with county says that its Human Services team is available and will continue to help re-house tenants from these properties.​