MELBOURNE, Fla. — For the 11th year, the Space Coast Basket Brigade has been helping families for Thanksgiving, but this year their future was uncertain because of the pandemic. While donations were down, the holiday spirit was bigger than ever.

What You Need To Know

For longtime volunteer Shelby Miller, the event reminds her of her childhood dealing with some tough times.

“Unfortunately, my mom couldn't work and there were four of us," she said. "The holidays, we were home due to limited income. It was people who provided Thanksgiving baskets so we were able to eat and celebrate the holidays."

Space Coast Basket Brigade founder Jacqueline Giurleo said although things are different this year, the main course is staying the same and lots of baskets full of food are making their way to families in need.

“We have bounce houses, vendors, food trucks — we make it a family experience to enjoy but this year its our basket brigade express,” Giurleo adds.

The one-day event turned into a two-day event because of the CDC's guidelines of social distancing. The group is hoping to feed 2,000 families and because of last-minute donations they're able to feed more families.​

“A few days ago we had enough to feed 400 (families), and in the past 11 days we are now going to feed over 2,000 families,” Giurleo said.

Miller said her past inspired her to create a better future for her family, and to help families she doesn't know but whose struggle she understands.

“It's made me appreciative of everything, even like a meal," Miller said. "Sometimes we take those things for granted and it lead me to the path of working in the child welfare career."

Throughout the day,cars picking up baskets and delivering them to families in need, and the event continues tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.