FLORIDA — As two coronavirus vaccines speed through the federal approval process the distribution process is about to begin.

What You Need To Know

  • Two COVID-19 vaccines aiming for federal approval

  • DeSantis: Florida has already purchased 5 million syringes, needles and swabs

  • State is yet to determine who will be first to receive approved vaccine

With more than 21 million people in Florida, it will be a big undertaking here in the Sunshine State.

Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that the state has already purchased five million syringes and swabs.

While the governor's administration is taking the lead, some state lawmakers are saying they need to play a role too.

They are pushing for legislative committee hearings focused on coordinating the state's strategy, especially when it comes to identifying people who need the vaccine first.

“We have seniors, veterans, children, teachers - you name it, people out there that need this vaccine - nursing homes, people in nursing homes, quickly. So I think that, no, we can't wait,” Sen. Victor Torres said.

As it stands, the legislature isn't scheduled to hold committee hearings until January. The 2020-2021 regular legislative session is expected to begin in March.