ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings is considering penalties for businesses that do not comply with COVID-19 safety measures.

This comes after over the weekend, strike teams found 11 Orlando bars were not following the rules, with high coronavirus numbers across the county.

On Saturday, strike teams found eight bars in downtown Orlando and three in the University of Central Florida area that were not complying with mask-wearing and social-distancing rules.

Demings said the county has reached an unfortunate milestone in coronavirus cases, with more than 53,000.

If numbers continue to increase, Demings said county officials may have to look into their authority over businesses that are not following the rules.

Right now, the Orange County Health Department said the coronavirus recovery rate in the county is at 92%. sssOver the past two days, there have been daily increases of more than 500 cases.

The 15- to 34-age group is contributing to this rise in cases the most, specifically the 15- to 24-year-old age group.

"Our young people are circulating, perhaps gathering in groups, not using good pandemic precautions, and are propelling the pandemic within our county," Alvina Chu with the Orange County Health Department said.

That younger age group is the most likely to frequent bars.