MASS. - The holiday season is right around the corner and for many the shopping has already begun.

The National Retail Federation [NRF] launched a nationwide consumer education campaign encouraging people to shop earlier and safer due to the pandemic.

Bill Thorne, Senior VP of Communications & Public Affairs at NRF, says many stores are offering Black Friday-like deals earlier this year to relieve the stress of last minute shopping as well as keep big crowds from shopping all at once. 

Thorne says they expect to see an increase in online shopping, and a change in the type of gifts people are giving.

"We saw a big uptick in experiential gift giving over the last several years and because of the pandemic I don't think we will see that people aren't traveling as much. That kind of gift experience is probably going to go more towards the splurge gift that you want to give to somebody so you can get your minds off of whats going on around you and celebrate your family,” Thorne said.

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