ORLANDO, Fla. – A considerable and boisterous caravan of Joe Biden supporters wheeled and beeped their way through downtown Orlando midday Saturday ahead of the November 3 presidential election against President Donald Trump.

What You Need To Know

  • Caravan of Joe Biden supporters wheeled through downtown Orlando

  • Orange County Democrats said they drawing attention to early voting

  • Organizers said the caravan numbered about 200 vehicles

Caravan organizers said Bidden supporters came from throughout the Orange County and numbered about 200 vehicles.

Wes Hodge, chair of the Orange County Democratic Party Executive Committee, said the caravan aimed to raise visibility for early voting, which starts Monday in Orange County and many other states and Central Florida counties.

“We want to make sure everybody knows they need to go vote so every voice is heard,” Hodge shouted from behind the wheel of his pickup truck to a Spectrum News 13 reporter.

The caravan came amid some opinion polls that show Biden’s lead tightening in Florida, in at least one case to a statistical tie.

Trump and Biden campaign organizers and supporters see Florida – the biggest and most prized battleground state -- as essential to win the presidency.

Both camps have poured efforts into Central Florida, which some analysts see as a battleground within the Florida battleground. Trump spoke at campaign rallies in Sanford on Monday and Ocala on Friday, and Biden’s wife, Jill Biden, appeared in Lake Mary on Friday. Also, Joe Biden’s running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, will campaign in Orlando on Monday.

In one section of downtown Orlando, it took about 30 minutes for the beeping to begin and subside.

“We came from all over Orange County to get here,” Hodge said.