ORLANDO, Fla. — A new mental health resource geared toward helping people cope with the pandemic is coming.

What You Need To Know

  • UCF Restores is offering free therapy to help people during the pandemic

  • Service is available to people living, working in ZIP codes 32807 and 32822

  • Therapy available in English and Spanish

UCF Restores is providing free therapy in English or Spanish to people who have been hit by the pandemic who live or work in ZIP codes 32807 and 32822. 

Nydia Irizarry will be partaking in the program. She moved to Azalea Park after living through Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. She said this pandemic is a different type of stress. 

“Honestly this is one of the things we need,” Irizarry said, in Spanish. “Being able to talk to someone, vent and know there’s someone listening. I am fascinated with this … I can’t wait till it begins.” 

“This is a community that already struggles financially with affordable housing and having access to resources is already difficult,” said Yemanja Krasnow the Senior Clinician for UCF Restores.

For those who may lack access to electronic devices, a tablet and WiFi hotspot can be provided. 

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