ORLANDO, Fla. — Some business owners are afraid Phase 3 of Florida’s reopening plan came too soon.

What You Need To Know

  • Lambs Eat Ivy has been operating in Thornton Park for 20 years

  • Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that Florida was entering Phase 3 reopening

  • Owner Lisa Pirillo plans to continue operating at 50 percent capacity

Now they say they wouldn’t be surprised if after one phase forward, customers take two steps back.

For the past 20 years, Lambs Eat Ivy has sat in the heart of Thornton Park. It's a whimsical name, but owner Lisa Pirillo says she chose it to match a light-hearted vibe.

“We don’t take ourselves to seriously in here," Pirillo said. "What we do, we take seriously.”

That’s exactly why clients like Ron Lambert keep coming back.

He can relax and crack jokes to the sounds Lisa’s snips and shaves, while feeling safe.

“We’ve known each other forever," Lambert says of Pirillo. "I have a compromised immune system.  I’m comfortable coming here because of what Lisa’s done … what she’s implemented. And that makes sense.”

Even with a basic haircut, Lisa will steady her comb and move through the job at a steady pace.

Slow and steady is the tactic she says she wishes everyone would play by. 

 “I want to give people an opportunity to decide for themselves what they’re comfortable with," said Pirillo. "So if other salons decide that they want to do that, it’s only going to affect the community.”

She’ll keep snipping away at 50 percent capacity for now.

She’s thinking long term, hoping her careful approach is what speeds up the process to get back to cutting hair, carefree.

Personal Service Businesses, like hair salons, nail salons, or gyms, go back to 100 percent capacity.

However, Phase 3 still strongly suggests regular sanitization and cleaning practices, and keeping away frequent-touch items like magazines.