Theme parks across Central Florida hit capacity this holiday weekend, making them the fullest we’ve seen since the phased reopening began.

Governor DeSantis said back in late August at a roundtable he feels confident in expanding capacity above the parks’ current limits since no major outbreaks have been connected to the parks. 

“We think the capacity can be increased when you have the protocols they have in place we feel very comfortable at the state level that they're doing it in a good way.” Governor DeSantis said. 

Parkgoers have been impressed by how COVID-19 precautions are being handled.

“Our first day at the parks was this past Tuesday, and we went to Magic Kingdom… and it was, by all means, pretty dead.” Andy Brown said. He, his wife and three daughters traveled from Dayton, Ohio to experience the Disney magic.

“The Disney employers are absolutely wonderful with making sure everyone is distanced in the lines and making sure everyone has their face masks on. We were thoroughly impressed.”

Over the Labor Day weekend, both Disney and Universal both reported maxing out their capacity for two straight days. 

It's yet to be determined when additional capacity will be added, but for families like the Browns who were inside the park when they filled up over the weekend say they’re cautious but optimistic.

“I'm at the point right now where I'm like it needs to happen some time. We can't be at 20 percent capacity for the rest of our lives,” Brown said. 

Tourism revenue in July was down 77 percent compared to last year.