VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. — The Volusia County School District is working to clear up some confusion after a working document of its fall reopening plan was mistakenly posted online over the weekend.

What You Need To Know

  • Preliminary draft of Volusia return-to-school plan posted online

  • School district said it was erroneously posted early and removed it

  • Document listed 3 options for parents, guardians to choose from in fall

  • Detailed plan expected to be presented at Wednesday School Board meeting

The document listed three options for families: Brick and mortar, a new choice called Volusia Live, and Volusia Online Learning, which was used to finish out the school year.

The document was quickly taken down from the web and replaced with an explanation that the post was accidental. 

Volusia United Educators President Elizabeth Albert was taken by surprise when she realized the document was publicly posted. She said she'd only worked on the options with the district for a few hours before it was up.

"It was far from complete, and we, of course, had not agreed to any of it at that time," Albert said. 

Albert said she met with school leaders Monday, who agree more discussions need to be had about details of the plans before anything is officially announced. 

“Option 2, the distance learning part, is the option that needs to have a whole lot of work done to it, and again, (for) our brick and mortar option, we don’t even know if in August it's going to be safe and reasonable to open brick and mortar. These things are beyond any of our control," Albert said. 

"Personally, looking at them, I was actually happy with the three options they had come up with," said Kim Short, the mother of a rising junior and seventh-grader. "Of course, it was not very detailed, so for me, I am waiting on the school board meeting Wednesday when I can find out more information."

The plans are being discussed further Tuesday, but with coronavirus infections on the rise, Albert thinks much can change.

"This situation is changing so quickly moment to moment that any conversation has to be fluid. So what was even shared on Saturday perhaps may not even be viable come Wednesday," Albert said. "So we are all in agreement that there is further work to be done and that we have to do it collaboratively."

A full explanation of all of Volusia's back-to-school options is expected be presented to the School Board at Wednesday’s board meeting for approval.