ORLANDO, Fla. – A Black Lives Matter March held in Orlando on Sunday honed in on the struggles of Black Artists – pushing for more diversity in the arts and entertainment industry.

What You Need To Know

  • Black Lives Matter march held in downtown Orlando

  • Marchers calling for diversity in arts and entertainment industry

  • Sunday's march was peaceful 

Dozens brought hand crafted signs and musical instruments as they marched through downtown.

The speakers said the theater community especially needs to be more inclusive to black actors -- and stop type-casting them. And they want more Black leaders in the entertainment industry in general.

"I think it's important just to like stick together as a community and especially like for the artists, I think there's something very positive about artists just coming together you know there's just so much to give to people and learn and educate through art like the best way to communicate is instead of like words is you communicate through art," said Blanca Mendez, who attended the march.

The protest Sunday was peaceful as the leaders made it clear any demonstrations of violence would not be tolerated.