BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — A retired police officer from New York is creating a way to improve community relations with the police.

What You Need To Know

  • Retired NYPD officer John Verdi created Hey Blue

  • Surviving the 9/11 attacks, he now lives in Brevard County

1. Retired New York Police Department officer John Verdi, who survived the 9/11 terror attacks, is making it his mission to cultivate positive dealings with police and the public.

2. Verdi moved to Brevard County, and created Hey Blue, a quest to make it easier for the public to come together and partner with law enforcement.

3. Through his nonprofit urban farm school, the Verdi EcoSchool based in Melbourne's Eau Gallie Arts District, he brings in officers to read stories, sing songs, and other activities all for Pre-K children each week.

4. The goal he says is to “change the face of policing in the United States.”

5. Through the school and Hey Blue, they are working with local police departments in creating urban gardens to spotlight the lack of proper food impacts “communities of color.”