ORLANDO, Fla. — Protests around Central Florida and across the U.S. have been picking up steam in recent days as Americans hit the streets in large numbers, calling for change following the death of George Floyd.

What You Need To Know

  • More demonstrations expected this weekend, despite rainy weather
  • Some protesters call upon police to kneel with them
  • More Orange County stories

While rainy weather could put a bit of a damper on the turnout, protesters are expected to get back out on streets Saturday. Protesters are expected at City Hall in Orlando, where demonstrations, peaceful for the most part, have been held at in recent days.

In the more than a week after George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, we’ve seen the resolve of protesters pushing for systemic change from law enforcement and refusing to let their voices be silenced. 

In Orlando, protesters out on Friday night said they’re feeling their voices are starting to be heard, including vocal protests pushing for a ban on chokehold techniques from officers.

“What they keep telling us is they don’t train that way," said Protester Milka Derisma. "And our response is, okay so it should be even easier to ban a knee-hold and a chokehold on citizens that already have their hands behind their back." 

According to Orlando Police officials, officers are not permitted to use any kind of choke hold during an arrest or confrontation. 

There are protests scheduled across central Florida including in downtown Orlando throughout the day.