ORLANDO, Fla. – MegaCon Orlando has been canceled for 2020 due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, organizers announced Thursday.

  • MegaCon Orlando 2020 canceled
  • New dates are March 18-21, 2021
  • "Limited Edition" event will be held in October

“Based on development globally and in Florida that COVID-19 continues to present, we’ve made the decision to cancel MegaCon Orlando 2020,” MegaCon Orlando said in a statement.

The full event is now scheduled to take place March 18-21, 2021.

Prior to its cancellation, MegaCon had been pushed back from April to June and boasted a celebrity guest list that included Alicia Silverstone, Dave Bautista, Christina Ricci, Ralph Maccio and the cast of It.

In the interim, MegaCon has announced it will hold a smaller, more “exclusive” event around Halloween weekend.

The event, called MegaCon Orlando: Limited Edition, will take place October 30-November 1 and be limited to 25,000 tickets. MegaCon usually has over 100,000 people in atttendance. 

All admission tickets for the original MegaCon event will be automatically transferred to October event. However, those unable to attend can get a refund.

Organizers said they are working on a guest list and plan to announce it by August 1.

MegaCon Orlando: Limited Edition will take place at the Orange County Convention Center, which has dealt with an economic loss as dozens of events have either rescheduled for later in the year or canceled.

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