FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. — Flagler County beaches reopening to limited activities Sunday morning. 

All 18 miles of Flagler County beaches will open "around the clock," according to county officials.

Flagler officials say the beaches are vital to the county's economy and tourism efforts. 

They wanted the beaches open, but also are balancing the threat of the pandemic. And after a trial run earlier in the week, they say residents abided by social distancing guidelines.

"We thought this was something that we could do within the limits that the state prescribes right now," said Dave Sullivan, Flagler Board of Commissioners Chairman. "That will be a good thing for our citizens. And also the counties of St. Johns to the north of us and Volusia to the south of us already were open so we were kind of making sure that we spread that out."

Beachgoers will only be able to do physical activities like walking, swimming or fishing. No sunbathing is allowed.

County officials said the limited reopening was based on adherence to CDC social distancing guidelines and using the beaches for activities that will help physical and mental health.

The Flagler Beach pier will still be closed as well as the boardwalk.