FLORIDA — Florida's poison control centers are getting more calls in reference to exposure to cleaning chemicals partly as a result of more people cleaning to keep coronavirus at bay.  

A CDC report published this week shows daily calls to poison centers nationally increased 20% for exposure to cleaners and disinfectants.

Dr. Alfred Aleguas, director of the Florida Poison Information Center in Tampa which oversees West and Central Florida, was part of the team that noticed the increase in calls. Aleguas co-authored the study to raise awareness and keep people safe.

He says the calls are a combination of adults mixing chemicals incorrectly and kids accessing the poisons. 

“If there’s any question of exposure, if somebody is exposed to something, or if a child may have ingested something anything like that you should call us. This is what we do,” Aleguas said.

You can call Poison Help anytime at 800-222-1222. The hotline is confidential if you need to talk to a medical professional.