NATIONWIDE -- A Disney fan is working to help people stay healthy during the coronavirus pandemic.

Brooke Prelovsky comes to Disney World from Pennsylvania often.

"There's just something about walking into the parks and forgetting everything else in the world," Prelovsky said.

She designs and makes Disney-themed items in her business

"We make (Minnie) ears. We have charms that can go in smart watches," Prelovsky said.

But with the coronavirus crisis, she decided to temporarily shut down her website to focus on a new effort.

"A personal friend on Facebook who is a nurse posted a link that was put out by a health care system saying, 'Can anybody sew?' And I said to my husband, 'We can sew,' " Prelovsky said.

Both of her parents work in health care in her Pennsylvania community. She took to social media to share that she was making masks locally.

"Within the first couple of hours, we had hundreds of emails. By the second day, we had a thousand," Prelovsky said.

Now, Prelovsky has sent more than 2,000 mostly Disney-print masks around the world.

"We've done individual, and we've also sent out to some hospitals where we're sending 100-plus to certain units or to wherever needs," Prelovsky said.

She hopes her business will continue to grow after the pandemic, but this different type of Disney magic is what she feels she's meant to do.

"Of all the products I've created and made, I've never been so proud of anything, because it's really helping make a difference and sending out some positivity right now," she said.

Prelovsky said thanks to fabric and monetary donations, the masks she's sending out are free. She says she's following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines when making the masks.