SANFORD, Fla. — For several weeks now, stores have had a difficult time keeping shelves stocked with toilet paper, and bath tissue factories are working 24/7 trying to keep up with demand.    

  1. Resolute Tissue in Sanford produces around 4,300 rolls of toilet paper every hour. 

  2. Bob Visscher, Resolute Tissue manger, said there’s no shortage of bath rolls in the country, the empty shelves are from people “hoarding” product. 

  3. Resolute Tissue usually breaks down rolls that don’t pass quality control, however with toilet paper so hard to find, the company is donating the rolls to charitable organizations.   

  4. Visscher is looking toward the future. He’s wondering if the toilet paper market will drop post-crisis because everyone will use the rolls they’ve been saving.  

  5. Amid all the layoffs in many businesses, Resolute Tissue is hiring. They’re accepting resumes at