ORLANDO, Fla. — A 46-year-old Orlando man accused in a fatal stabbing late Saturday told police he was defending himself against a man who attacked him for urinating in public at an apartment complex near Pine Hills.

  • Craig Chavers charged with second-degree murder
  • Brandon Ingram killed, Roderick Dallas Jr. injured
  • Chavers told officer about shooting after stabbing

Craig Chavers remains in the Orange County Jail on charges of second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder, accused in the killing of Brandon Ingram and of injuring Roderick Dallas Jr.

Chavers stabbed Ingram, 28, at least four times sometime before 10:22 p.m., an Orlando Police report said. Dallas, 34, who incurred at least one stab wound to his “upper left rib cage area,” is being treated at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

In an interview with a detective, Chavers claimed he was walking to a friend's house for an undisclosed reason when he felt the urge to urinate. He relieved himself on a tree in the courtyard of Pineview Apartments, 4731 N. Pine Hills Road.

Ingram and Chavers yelled at each other, the police report said. Ingram then approached Chavers, he said, and hit him twice with his fist. Chavers then began swinging a kitchen knife.

After the fight, Chavers drove out of the complex in a black SUV and stopped in front of a parked patrol vehicle. Orlando Police Officer Jason Roebke was behind the wheel, working an extra shift at the complex.

Chavers said there was a shooting and his vehicle had been hit.

"Officer Jason Roebke asked the defendant who shot at him, the defendant replied ‘the people I stabbed,'" the report said.

Multiple vehicles fled the area at about the same time.

Callers told 911 dispatchers they heard as many as 12 gunshots. The report does not have any information about who may have opened fire and why. 

Ingram was taken to an AdventHealth hospital.

“Medical staff at Advent Health attempted life-saving medical intervention, but the defendant was pronounced dead at (2:47 a.m. Sunday) by Dr. Anthony Gielow,” the report said.

Dallas was being treated in an intensive care unit at ORMC. He told officers he thought Chavers was being “disrespectful toward the females and children in the immediate area” by urinating in public.

An investigator at the crime scene found a kitchen knife with a red-colored stain along the handle. Detectives also documented a blood-stain pattern "consistent with someone being stabbed and/or cut with a sharp object," the report said.