ORLANDO, Fla. – Spending more time at home means discovering things right in front of you.

  • Spending more time at home? Here's an activity for you
  • Create your own Explorer's Kit for backyard discoveries
  • You can use materials you probably already have

We've hooked up with the creative minds at the Orlando Science Center to inspire you to see your yard in a "magnified" way.

Jeff Stanford is the science center's VP of Marketing. He and his son, Tater, are examining their own Baldwin Park backyard with a simple "Explorer's Kit." These are things you may already have, like plastic sandwich bags. 

"You're going to be collecting samples," Stanford said. “Bugs, rocks or plants.”

Also included in his son's backpack –binoculars. “I would scan over here across the roofs," he told Tater. "I think we'd seen a hawk."

A magnifying glass is another tool. Tater presses it up against some flowers.

"I think it's been pollinated because it doesn't look like it has pollen," said the budding scientist.

Chopsticks. You probably have more now than ever. Chopsticks make good markers to stick into the ground. "These are good markers for your research," Stanford said, showing us. “Why are there bugs in this area? Are they close to water? Are they close to food?"

A classic notebook. “When you're making those observations, you want to record your findings.”

From slime-making, superhero camp training, to unbreakable bubbles–the Orlando Science Center has a bunch of other videos and ideas on a special section of their website. Visit www.osc.org/at-home.