BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — With more people unable to work due to the coronavirus crisis, households are on a strict budget, and with that comes some hard decisions. A Brevard County animal shelter is worried people will start surrendering their pets.

Executive Director SPCA Brevard Angie Friers, just like the nation, is worried about making ends meet. Friers not only is a dog-owner, but she's responsible for making sure about 400 cats and dogs at the SPCA have a roof over their heads and full bellies.

But with less people working, households will start making tough decisions.

The SPCA in Brevard is in need of 50 fosters and counting for their cats and dogs. They will provide food and medications for them too. SPCA says they will even deliver dog and cat food within city limits to those struggling to afford pet food during these harsh times, because their goal is took keep pets at home and out of the overcrowded shelters.

“Last week we tried being super positive because he hadn't seen anything, but we are getting more calls about people surrendering their pets, it's disappointing,” Friers said.